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What services do you offer?

We offer a complete package to get your business online and noticed. This includes:

- Responsive Web Design

- Mobile Friendly Website

- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

- Domain Name registration)

- Hosting

Do you have set prices for your services?

Every job is different and some require more hours and features than others so we tailor our prices depending on the job to provide a personalised quote. Our prices are affordable, competitive and value for money. Get in touch with your requirements and we can discuss the planning and cost required.

Do you use templates or custom made websites? 

At Web Designer NI we pride ourselves on providing websites that are fully customised to the way you want it. Every website we make is hand crafted and not made using pre-made templates. If you have see designs on the web that inspire, colours scheme that you want to use, all these things help us to get an idea of the website that you want. We always use our own unique creativity skills and experience to deliver a website that will help your business to stand out.


Can you help me get on the first page of Google? 


A LOT of hard work goes into ranking well in Google and no one should legally be providing a service or guarantees that they can do this for you.    There are lots of factors that affect your SEO rating including, competition in the same city or country. We make sure that your website is given the best start possible by getting the essentials in place such as page titles, page descriptions, H1 headings, image alternative image and more. We include SEO optimisation with all web design projects as well as making sure your website is mobile friendly. 

Ok, I want to hire Web Designer NI, what next?

You have made the right decision. Get in touch with Web Designer NI with your requirements and we can discuss the next steps. You will get a personalised quote for what you need and we will get a better understanding of how your business and explain each step of the process that makes us one of the best web designers in Northern Ireland having worked with local business in Belfast, Northern Ireland and international clients from over 15 countries.

How long will it take to complete my website?

This varies depending on the work required. For a brand new website we would generally take about 2 weeks from start to finish. If the website is an e-commerce or have more pages this will naturally increase the time it takes to complete the website as each page will get a tailored twist and each page requires SEO optimisation and made mobile friendly to help give it the best chance of ranking well in Google, Bing and other search engines when it is launched.


I have no experience or knowledge about websites? Can you help me?


We have worked with clients who have just an idea and designed websites from scratch using a range of creative techniques. We can help clients and give you options as to how pages can be designed. We can explain how things work and give you advice on how to improve your website afterwards and we use a content management system that lets you edit text, images and more with a few clicks of a button. We are with you from start to finish and beyond to make sure you are 110% happy with our work. 


How does payment work?

We operate a policy of 50% upfront and 50% once your website project has been completed and you are happy with the website. We accept payment via direct bank transfer or via Paypal, whatever suits you. 


Do you hire anyone outside of Web Designer NI to do work?

Absolutely not! All of our work is completed by our professional web designers who have years of experience working for clients in a range of industries such as finance, law, fitness, health, beauty, tourism, fashion and much more. We do not hire any third parties to do any aspect of work as we already have the creativity and quality to do the work ourselves. 


Will my website look good on my phone? 

Yes. This is really important and Google check websites that are mobile friendly so this is an extra boost for your site to have it looking. More and more customers are using their phone to go and websites and this number is increasing more and more so it is essential for your business that customers can go onto your website using their phone and and find it clear and easy to use. This will also improve the impression customers have on your business and increase your chances of customers using your service or buying your product. 

Will my website be tested before going live? 

Absolutely. We pride ourselves in detailed and thorough work so you site will get a complete comb through to make sure that it is looking good, links are working and everything is good to good before live to the world. 

Can you help me once the website is live? 


Gladly. We can help to get advice, make adjustments, tweaks to your website as and when required. No matter how big or small the job is, we will be happy to help you. We can work with you for a small fee depending on the work required and we always offer a very affordable price.


Will I be able to access the website for making any changes afterwards? 

yes, you will have full control of the website once it has been completed and we can show you how to make changes yourself or we can do it for you. The great thing about choosing us is that your website will be hosted on a user friendly hosting website so this reduces your fees for paying for edits, as you can do it yourself easily. 


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