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Web Designer NI provide all the services you need to get your business online with a fantastic website to promote to your clients and customers. We have the experience to guide you through the whole process. We can design the website to suit your needs no matter your business or industry. If you need a website have a look at our services below and get in touch with what you need and make the first step to making your business stand out and reach your potential with Web Designer NI.

Web Designr NI - Services -Web Design


We have extensive experience designing websites for a wide range of businesses all across the world. Whether you need a brand new website or redesign your existing one, Web Designer NI can help.


All our websites are built to be responsive and mobile friendly included in the cost. Web Designer NI are with you all the way from initial consultation to your website going live with advice along the way for free.


Web Designer NI are experts in e-commerce. Get your business up and running and start selling your products. We can design a clean, modern store that will rival any big shop. We can setup everything including store, payments, automated emails and much more.


We can also optimise your store with SEO to make it stand out and reach as many customers as possible. We also make sites mobile friendly so people can shop on their phone while they are out.

Web Designer NI - Services -E-Commerce
Web Designer NI - Services - CMS


CMS stands for Content Management System. We design our websites through a CMS so we can hand things over to clients to maintain if they wish. If not, we can help to maintain sites for a small fee. The benefits of using a content management system means that once you have a beautiful website, you can make any edits or changes anytime, anywhere and get updated instantly. 


A domain name is an important part of your business as this is what the customers searches for, so you need to make sure you have a strong and relevant name. Web Designer NI can help to search and get the domain name that you want. Most of our packages include 1 year domain name and hosting for free!

Web Desiger NI - Services - Domain Name
Web Desige NI - Services - SEO


Without SEO your business will probably not be found online. Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to the success of your business. Web Designer NI can help to optimise the profile of your business online and give it the best chance of being ranked highly on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. 

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