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How to update your website during the COVID-19 pandemic to generate more business

A website for your business is responsible for helping you to generate more interest in your company, resulting in more sales . However, the methods that you used to generate sales from the business website at the beginning of the year are no longer capable of delivering effective results for some companies. That’s because the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire world and the way how people live and shop for what they want. You should keep these facts in your mind and make appropriate changes which show be reflected on your business website. You will then find it an easy task to remain strong during the pandemic and overcome the struggles that you will face with keeping your business stable.

Here are few tips on how to update your website to help your business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Web Designer NI are a web design company based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland who can help you to create a website to get your business online and continue to make sales by advertising or with an e-commerce website. You will fall in love with the results we can deliver.

- Refresh the home page

Once you get in touch with our Lisburn web design firm, the very first change you should do, is on the home page. As you already know, the home page of your business website is capable of delivering that perfect first impression to the visitors. Therefore, you need to update the home page design to keep it up to date. Once you do, you will not have a difficult time in delivering an excellent first impression to the visitors.

You must change the layout of your home page and make it attractive. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to re-invent the wheel. You can update it with some photos. The photos should be relevant. To keep things up to date, you can upload photos that showcase content on how your products or services offered by the business can be related to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is the most relevant topic amongst business and customers what to know what you are doing to minimise risk within your building and amongst your staff. Make your information relatable for the visitors. People will get a good first impression by seeing up to date content on the website. It can also provide them with confidence needed to go ahead and make the reservations.

- Remove old and outdated content

While receiving help from our web design NI experts, you should be mindful to remove outdated, old content that you have. You need to take a look at your content regularly, especially if you are a seasonal business which will need updated for various occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Mothers/Fathers Day and summer offers. You can check and see whether you have information which is related to products so that you don’t carry outdated information related to older events. Then you need to take appropriate steps to remove them. Out of date information that is kept up and hasn’t been changed in a while will not reflect well for your business. Make sure your content offers value to the reader.

While you are revamping your home page and website, you will need to pay special attention towards the header. The home page of your website will receive most traffic of your website. Out of all of the elements that you can find in the home page, the header is the place that receives most attention. Hence, you should get the assistance of our expert web designers from Northern Ireland to update or design these key features.

So, your most recent up to date information should be uploaded to the home page, so that it is quick and easy for customers to find. Our Northern Ireland web designers have a clear understanding about the key aspects required to maximise the potential of your website. Choose Web Designer NI to secure quality results at an affordable price.

- Add an alert bar into the navigation

COVID-19 has changed the way on how you do business. You should notify your audience about those changes by introducing appropriate changes to the navigation. In other words, you must get the help of one of the web design companies Northern Ireland and introduce an alert bar into the navigation of your website.

Your business operations may be limited to a certain amount of hours a day due to restrictions so you need to inform customers of these changes and the procedures involved to ensure best health and safety practices are enabled. An alert bar or ticker text is a great way of doing this. Likewise, if you are running a special deal to get some of the items in your inventory cleared, you should include that in the alert bar as well or any special promotions too. In case you are planning to organise a special event, you should create buzz about it and having a news bar or within the opening slideshow is a very effective way to get this information across easily, making customers find the information quickly.

You can get the help of a web design NI expert to design the alert bar in a different colour. Then you can draw the attention of visitors to it. It should be designed in a way, so that the visitors can easily toggle to on or off. That’s because some of the visitors would not like the presence of the alert bar.

You will again need to make sure that the content within the alert bar is up to date, relevant and accurate. It will be an important piece of information on your website to show how COVID-19 has changed your business and the way customers can visit or whether you offer deliveries. Our Northern Ireland website design company can help to get the alert bar designed in away, so that you can easily customise it. Then you will be able to use it in the future and get all the benefits that are offered.


You shouldn’t allow the COVID-19 pandemic to create a negative impact on your. Show customers that you are adapting and still open for business. Finding opportunities and being creative in times of difficulty will show your customers how professional you are and potentially gain more customers once lockdown has been lifted. Have a idea for a good business and want to get it online and not sure where to look for help? Web Designer NI are one of the leading web design companies in Northern Ireland who worked on a wide range of websites for different industries, from clients all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Get ahead with Web Designer NI today. Contact us for more details on how we can help you.


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